First Aid Kit Checklist For Hikers

Duct tape and a bandana aren’t enough for…

☠️ Illnesses, allergic reactions or infections

☠️ Large wounds

☠️ Ticks or bites

☠️ Heat or cold related illness

Upgrade your first kit with this free PDF checklist

backpacking skills

about the creator

Mallory Moskowitz

Hey hiker, do you want to ditch fear and feel a little more like a badass?

But maybe you’re not quite sure exactly what steps you need to take or skills you need to know to get there.

Whether you have no hiking experience at all or have some day hikes under your belt, you can do this, and I can help!

I’m a Certified Professional Coach who fell in love with backpacking after walking over 1,300 miles of the Appalachian Trail and now help others experience the wonder of living and traveling in the great outdoors.

I genuinely believe the more savvy hikers there are out on the trails, the safer and better off we’ll all be.

Dream big, hike far, Mallory

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